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Linn County IDPA

Welcome shooters!



Augest 2nd match is coming up this sunday. Plan on 80-90 rounds minimum. This will just be a normal match so you dont need anything special. We look forward to seeing everyone on sunday. Please check here or facebook as well as your email if we get a lot of rain or bad weather this weekend. 
For those of you who shoot with us on a regular basis we are thinking of trying to collect your phone numbers just incase we ever have to cancel a match like this again. My thoughts are that i would just send a text message out to those i have numbers for the morning of. I will only use your numbers for emerganceys like this. 
We also want to keep our shooters up to date with our club, We arrived to our last schedualed match to see that we had someone who had broke into the quarry and broke some props and stole some target stands. thankfully our steel and swingers were not in the quarry. We are in the process of rebuilding stands now and are still planning on our Augest match. We want to applogize to anyone we turned away last month and look forward to seeing you this weekend. 
Also just a reminder it is warming up a little so dont foget your water and sunscreen and chair if needed. If you have any questions please email me at or todd at we look forward to seeing your guys and gals in Augest!  



Match Dates:


March 8th- Regular Match--> MATCH CANCELED

April 4th (SATURDAY)- Classifier

May 3rd- Regular Match

June 7th- 3 Gun Match

July 12th (second weekend due to the 4th)- Regular Match

Augest 2nd- Regular Match

September 6th- Regular Match

October 4th- 3 Gun Match

November 1st- Regular Match


Important Information:


Linn County always encourages new shooters; you can come and watch or participate. Prior to participating or watching please review the saftey rules. If you would like to shoot please contact Todd at 


A loaner bag is available for new shooters wishing to try IDPA. Contact Pat Liegl at


Remember all minors must be accompanied by an adult, and a consent form needs to be completed.

Club Officers & Contacts 


  Patrick Liegl


Treasurer & Secretary:
  Andy Schaffer
Range Safety Officer:
  Todd Nathem
Web Master and Match Director
  Mitch Roland
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